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capturing the beat
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38th Avenue Photography, led by Debi Ettinger Cramer, stands as a beacon of creative excellence, with over three decades of experience capturing captivating imagery across the globe. Nestled in the vibrant art culture of Bayside, Queens, Debi’s journey began on the streets of 38th Avenue, where the rich tapestry of New York City’s art scene ignited her passion for color and design.

With a client-centric approach, 38th Avenue Photography has garnered acclaim for exceeding expectations, with a roster of satisfied clients spanning the globe. From cherished family moments to high-profile campaigns, Debi and her team approach each project with unwavering dedication & passion.


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Debi Cramer

about the photographer

From Passion to Profession

Debi Ettinger Cramer – Principal Photographer at 38th Ave Photography has been designing and shooting pictures all over the world for over 30 years.  Debi grew up in the Bayside area of Queens on 38th Avenue where the rich art culture of NYC ignited her passion for color and design.  After attending the Art Students League in NYC she received her undergraduate degree in Surface Pattern Design from Syracuse University and then followed up with an MS degree in Arts Administration from Le Moyne College, School of Visual and Performing Arts. Debi brings a unique design aspect to her work that shows not only in her fine art photography but also in her commercial and travel work. 

Debi recently moved to Kent Island, Maryland to expand her photography career with a stronger focus on headshots, branding photography, food, product, jewelry, and Business-to-Business photo assignments. Of course, her love for botanicals and everything nautical will always be present in her current work. 

Debi is a world traveler, she has lived overseas in Singapore where her photography career began. She is the proud mother to grown children Jason and Leigh, and grandmother to Annelise who is currently into horseback riding, dancing, and dressing up in her many princess costumes! 

When Debi is not shooting (with a camera) you can find her playing bocce, swimming, sailing, kayaking, cooking, or tending her gardens. 

our approach

capturing the beat
of the moment

At 38th Avenue Photography, we blend the art of natural storytelling with the precision of studio craftsmanship. Whether capturing your moments in the familiar comfort of a chosen venue or within the controlled ambiance of our state-of-the-art studio, our approach remains consistent – to deliver breathtaking images that resonate.

our philosophy

creating memories that last a lifetime

Our philosophy is elegantly straightforward and profoundly deep: we strive to capture the essence of the authentic, to articulate the volumes spoken in silence, and to immortalize the ephemeral whispers of time. In every frame, we’re not just freezing a moment; we are preserving a feeling, an emotion, a slice of life that, despite its swift passage, can be revisited and felt again. To achieve this, we approach photography not just as a technical craft, but as an intimate dance with reality. We immerse ourselves in the environment, attune to the rhythm of the subjects, and listen with our eyes to the stories unfolding. 

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