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Welcome to 38th avenue photography. My lifelong passion for color
and design is expressed in all of my images.

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From Passion to Profession

My lifelong passion for color and design is expressed in all of my images. Shooting with a designer eye creates images to promote you, your business, and your brand on social media. Combining amazing photography and marketing strategies is what creates a unique approach to your success! Headshots are another one of my specialties that is totally tailored to you! I will work with you and prepare you for a headshot you will love!

All of my images can be used in your office or home and can be printed on either
paper, glass, metal, or canvas!

Debi Cramer


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Harness the power of professional product photography at 38th Avenue. High-quality, detailed images designed to enhance your marketing and sales.

mini - sessions

mini - sessions

Seize the moment with 38th Avenue mini-sessions – perfect for quick, vibrant photo shoots, capturing life’s fleeting joys in a flash.



Elevate your professional image with 38th Avenue’s headshot photography – crisp, engaging portraits that convey your confidence and competence.

branding & marketing

branding & marketing

Strengthen your brand identity with 38th Avenue’s marketing photography. Bespoke images that tell your story, resonate with your audience, and build recognition.


Unveiling Our Masterpieces

Welcome to 38th Avenue Photography, where every snapshot tells a story. Dive deep into the cascade of colors and emotions captured by our lenses. The art of photography is more than simply pressing a shutter—it’s the exquisite craft of immortalizing moments, unveiling the essence of each subject, and harnessing light to paint memories in vivid detail.

autumn scenes

autumn scenes

Explore the rustic beauty of fall with images of leaf-strewn pathways and pumpkin-adorned settings bathed in warm light.



Savor the art of cuisine through vibrant, mouth-watering visuals of culinary creations and fresh ingredients.



Journey through our lens: iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and cultural wonders from around the world.



Majestic mountains, serene valleys, and dramatic skylines presented in panoramas that encapsulate nature’s grandeur.



Discover a world of flora with macro shots of blooming flowers, intricate plant details, and lush garden scenes.



From twinkling lights to heartwarming traditions, celebrate the holidays with our curated collection of joyful scenes.



Blend trendsetting scenes with everyday ease, highlighting the beauty in routines and the charm of candid moments.



Set sail with our nautical images, from solitary kayaks to majestic yachts cresting on the open sea.

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sweet words from our clients

Rich Archibald

If you are looking for professional photography, whether it be for your LinkedIn picture, or your business profile page, I highly recommend Debi Cramer. She is fun, professional, and really knows how to make your picture taking experience a positive one.

Brian MacFee

I had Debi do some headshots for me for social media, linked in, etc. I was thrilled with the results. Debi has a way to smooth things over and lose a few pounds in the picture without making the picture look fake or retouched. We highly recommend Debi!

Kelvin Abrams

Thank you Debi for a wonderful photoshoot. I hate taking pictures, but Debi kept me laughing and entertained the entire time.  Very professional and most importantly the project was completed in the appropriate amount of time. 5 Stars!!!!

Susan Pierai

Working with Debi was a wonderful experience.  She is encouraging, patient, and knows how to catch the right pose.  The finished product reflected attention to the tiniest details.A real professional!

Joan Lyons

Over the past five years, we strived to take quality photographs of our jewelry so our customers could see the real beauty of the pieces. Unfortunately, photographing jewelry is an art form and we failed miserably until Debi came on board and provided us with professional images that we can be proud of. What a difference it is making to our on-line sales!

Michael and Lisa Brown

I was blown away by the professionalism and creativity of 38th Avenue Photography. They have a knack for making you feel at ease during the shoot, resulting in natural and stunning photos. I’ve received countless compliments on my headshots – all thanks!

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